Do you use travel app?


Hello everyone,
My name is Lan Anh, I’m 23 and have graduated from university. My major is economics but I have been working as a tourguide for nearly 4 years with the love for Vietnam.

I see that Vietnam has hidden charm, there is always a story behind a lake, a temple, and even a symbol which is very interesting to know but NOT MANY people know about it. That’s why I want to reveal this secret to everybody.

There are many travel apps but they just give general information, so I decided to make an app like a REAL TOURGUIDE. Actually I have launched my app and ask the travelers to try it in the Temple of Literature and received positive feedback so I want to make all the places in Vietnam.

But the problem is: people don’t have the habit of using travel app like that because no one has made it before and they don’t pay for it.

I really need your advice: should I continue my project? I really believe that it helps but it is so hard to let many people know about it. I am looking forward to hearing your advice. Thank you!


If you believe you have a service that would be valuable and useful, then you should pursue it, at least for a little while. Ultimately it is up to you to make people realize they need or want they app, since they have no experience with anything like it. The lack of interest is probably connected to them not understanding the value or benefit it will have for them. Once you identify your target market you can find a way/ways to advertise and market to them that help them see why this app is beneficial.