Do late 30s do Topdeck?



I have a month off in August and the plan always was to go Interrailing, until I started looking into options like this.

From what I gather, the average age is 24/25 and there are very few people in their 30s. I guess the question is, at 39 am I too old? I look and act a lot younger than my years, but all the same I would still end up being the oldest on the coach - possibly by some way.

Anyway, if anyone has any feedback please let us know. I get on fine with younger people but have to admit I wouldn’t want to do another ‘Club 18-30’ style holiday - did one years ago in Ibiza and that was enough! I prefer to relax/chill and see the sights rather than staying out late each night drinking!

To be fair, at the minute Interrail is looking more likely, but it’s worth me posting on here I suppose.


PS - the tour that’s caught my eye is Summer Fun & Sailing.


I was also wondering the same thing as IÂ’m 35. IÂ’m planning to travel at the end of next year with my kids to Europe which will restrict the amount of night stuff that I can do so IÂ’m looking at doing an extra holiday before we go on our big trip where I can let my hair down, experience the night life of Europe and not have to worry about organising everything like I will when I go with my children.

Most of my friends that I go out with now are a lot younger than me because those that are my age are only just starting to settle down and don’t go out much. I think if you’re young at heart, their shouldn’t be a problem.




I did my first Topdeck tour last year, at 36. On my Croatia sailing tour it seemed like only one other person had hit 30. On the Scandinavian tour there were a couple of others. Most of the group would have been in their 20’s.




there were a few people on their last 30s on my previous tour and we got along very well. I was 27 on the tour and there were some late teens as well… had a fab time so i dont think its something you should be worried about :slight_smile:


i found on my trip there were a few people over 30, but no one cared about age everyone got along so well no one was left out.even if they didnt go out every night.
im 27 and didnt want to get stuck with teenages for a month.
there are plenty of people like u that do choose to do topdeck and really do have a great time


The last tour that i went on with Top Deck the average age was late 20’s to early 30’s - i was actually the second youngest (at that time i was 22).


Hi Chris :slight_smile:

I just finished the summer fun and sailing and I can definitely recommend the tour…it’s amazing! We had a wide spread of ages. Most people were between the ages of 23 and 29 but we had a few over 30’s - but everyone just got along so well and no one really took much notice of how old people were.

There will always be a group of people who will go out drinking every night. I’m 26 and don’t want to do that anymore and there were quite a few people who thought the same. I never felt any pressure either to go out with the others :slight_smile: I partied it up only in a few towns but spent the majority of my time sightseeing and fueling my passion for photography ;D And there are some absolutely magical and breathtaking places on that tour :smiley: Totally worth it!

Can’t wait to go back soon!

Hope that helps
Natalie :slight_smile: