Disneyland Paris Tickets


Hi All

After my topdeck tour I will be going back to paris to stay for a few night and I was planning on going to disneyland for 2 days. I am looking at a 2 day 2 park hopper pass. I’m not sure whether to buy tickets online or to wait till I get over to europe to purchase them. Anyone have any ideas or know of the best way to purchase disneyland tickets? I know I don’t want to buy them at disneyland on the day I go as I’ve been told the lines can be long and the tickets can be more expensive.



Hey Belle,
I am doing the same thing after the tour I’m going to Disneyland for two days. I’m doing the Britain and Ireland tour finishing in London then getting the Euro star straight to disneyland. I booked two day two park hopper pass through the travel agent and it cost $550 AUS ish and that included the train back to Paris. I don;t know much they cost online or at the park but hope the info helps.

=D Kathernie


oh wow thanks…but that sounds really expensive…I bought my eurostar ticket online (raileurope.com.au) oneway from paris to london which was only $62AUD (this was due to early bird specials as I travel in 5mths) or without the special it was 72AUD…i was going to go through travel agent but I found prices to be really high. I found 2 day park hopper disneyland tickets for under $200, off of the official disney paris website. I was just trying to figure out if it was worth booking them online or just getting them from a tourist outlet in europe or something. Thanks for the help anyway.