Disneyland and Universal Studios Los Angeles


Hey! I’m booked into a tour starting in LA and want to see both Disneyland and Universal Studios Los Angeles. I know Topdeck has both as optional activities, could anyone who has done these trips with Topdeck let me know if it is worth doing with them or if I should just do both on my own? The itinerary calls them Disneyland/Universal Studios tours, so I’m not sure how much time you actually get at the parks…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Rachel, I travelled to America last year and spent time prior to my trip in LA and went to both these parks.

Disneyland/California adventure park- I literally spent with my husband from 8am there and left at 1am when the park closed. A lot of people said you can’t do it in one day but we managed :joy:

Universal studios- good 5 hours spent there.

Friends have been on tours (with contiki) and have been able to go to universal studios as part of the trip and seemed to get it all in.

My advice- read the itinerary throughly and if the opportunity is there do Disneyland on your own before starting the tour… you can fit universal in with the tour. There’s nothing worse than being gone restrcited at the happiest place on earth :blush:


Thank you very much! :slight_smile: I think I’ll do Universal with the tour and Disneyland on one of the days I have free before the tour starts. Hopefully I can find other people on the tour to tag along :slight_smile: