Discover Winter - What luggage?


Hi All!

I am going on the Discover Winter tour in December and was a little confused on the luggage requirements/allowances.
It describes the large backpacks, and even displays a picture of the large backpacks typically used while travelling, but then in the writing section it names suitcases as well.

Does anyone know which is allowed and what travel bags aren’t allowed?

Or have you even got a suggestion on what you found was easier to travel and move around with during your tour?
Backpack 60-80L bags vs the old fashion suitcase? Which did you prefer?



Either a backpack or suitcase is fine but just remember to keep in mind our 20kg weight limit and the fact that you may have to transport your bag to and from your accommodation from the coach/ferry’s on trips. Backpacks tend to be easier in Europe due to the number of staircases in normal European accommodation.

Have a great trip!


Fantastic advice, thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile:

Can’t wait! 5months 17days


I just got back from a trip (i did a contiki tour actually) and i took a suitcase which was occasionally annoying for stairs but i know a lot of people who took backpacks found them quite annoying (a couple of people so much so they bought suitcases while they were there and got rid of the backpacks) just because they’re so hard to find anything inside.