Discover Winter Nov 13th


Just wondering if anyone else is booked on the Discover Winter tour leaving London on Nov 13th?


Hey I am also booked on this trip! I can’t wait! Hope it gets guaranteed soon.


Great that there is someone else on this tour! When do you arrive in London?


I haven’t booked my flights yet because I was waiting for the trip to be guaranteed. There is only about three months to go though so I’m getting impatient! I would like to arrive in London a couple of days before the tour leaves and then I’m going to stay for a few days after the trip as well. When are you getting there?


I’m arriving in London the day before the tour starts, and I fly out about 10 days after it finishes, I saw a lot of London last year so I’m thinking of spending a few days in Ireland before I fly home. Looking forward to the Top Deck trip, I hope it’s guaranteed soon.


I found out yesterday this tour has been cancelled so I have to find another one