Discover Winter (Europe) Dec 28th 2018 - 16th Jan 2019



My partner and i are are wondering who else is confirmed for this trip? tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you coming from, etc?
We’re from South Australia, F 23, M 24 and it’ll be our first time travelling overseas.

Cheers and looking forward to meeting you all!



Oh dang! I got so excited when i saw this! But im going on the Discover Winter leacing on the 11th of Jan 2019 :frowning:

But i hope you guys have the best time!


Hey Allen!

My friend and I are considering this tour for when we visit Europe in Dec/Jan! We’re also from Adelaide and both will be 23 - what are the odds!

Will have to let you know once we’ve confirmed if this is the one we go for!



Hi Allen,

My fiance and i are doing this trip also!

how funny - we are in SA too! what a small world!
we will be F 26 and M 30


Hey Allen!

I will be on this trip with my partner! Definitely looking forward to it :slight_smile:

We are from Sydney and will both be 21


Hey I’m also on this trip from Sydney! I’m 25 and travelling solo. I’m so excited to meet you all.


If you have Facebook add me and I’ll start a convo with everyone, etc.
Allen Blazey