Discover Winter departing 23rd of December 2016


Hi, my boyfriend and I have booked this tour and are interested in who will be joining us!
We are from Perth in Western Australia. Can’t wait!


Hello. We are also going on this tour. There will be four of us. My husband and myself and my bestie and her boyfriend. We are from Mackay, North Queensland.


December cannot come soon enough!


Hi, my boyfriend and I have also booked this trip! we are from Adelaide, South Australian! SO EXCITED TO MEET EVERYONE AND HAVE A GREAT TIME!


Yes cannot wait!!! Counting down the days haha, how old are you guys?


Sounds like there will be a few Aussies on the trip. We are 23, 26, 27 and 28. How about everyone else? I’m stocking up on all things winter. We are going to freeze!


I’m 22 and lukes 26 haha yes absolutely freezing but can’t wait!


I am 20 and Ethan will be 21 just before we leave. Will be freezing cold but nothing a big jacket can’t fix. SO BLOODY EXCITED!
What are you guys thinking about spending money per day?


So we are bringing enough to do optional activities each (about €240) and then maybe $50 euro a day. But I am not really sure TBH. I’m still trying to decide how many pairs of jeans to pack. I was thinking maybe 3 and wear a pair?