Discover Winter dep. 18th March


Hello!! Im a 19yo travelling with my 23yo friend, both from Australia. We’re so excited. ANYONE JOINING??? :)))) :wave:


I’m considering doing the 18th of March trip!
will be going solo from Melbourne. Is anyone else from Melbourne ?


I am doing the Parades to Piazzas trip. I believe I will be with you guys until Rome.

I will be in London night of March 15th. Anyone else getting there early?


oh cool! where do you go after rome??


I will be meeting my friend in Brussels then Amsterdam. After then unfortunately my trip ends.


can i add you in a group on facebook? :slight_smile: and anat_93??


Sure thing.

Shoot me an email with info or link to the group. Or if you are posting it here … up to you.


Did you set up anything? I haven’t seen any emails.



This is going to be my first solo trip to Europe! So excited! 16 more days! Is anyone going to be in London Early?


Hey Sophia! What’s your email! I’ll add you to our Facebook chat (only two of us so far haha) :slight_smile:

#11 :slight_smile:


Hi guys, my partner and I (24 & 23) will also be joining this trip! Not long now :smile: we are departing from Perth!


What’s your email I’ll add you to the chat!! :blush::blush::blush:


It’s my old email hahaha let me know if it works :smiley:


Hi guys, Myself and my husband will be on this trip as well (24yo and 26yo)! Happy days. Not long to go at all!



Is this the winterspirit trip leaving London on the 17th!? Count me in! Another solo traveller. Email me at keen for a beer!