Discover Winter 4th November - 23rd November


Hi, I’m Liz. Traveling solo from Sydney. Just wondering who else is going on this tour? My first time traveling on my own so I’m a little nervous but more excited.



I just booked this trip myself too!! I’m travelling on my own from Adelaide!


Oh awesome. Is this your first time to Europe?


So I can only post 3 replies, so I have to edit one of my last posts…

I’ll be flying into London on the 22 and then doing my own thing around the UK until the tour starts on the 4th and then I’ll be heading to Germany to see family and then fly back late November. So are you starting the tour in Paris?


It is. I’ve travelled before to Thailand in 2010 with friends and Hawaii with family in 2014. But this is my first time to Europe and traveling on my own so I’m nervous but so excited to meet new people and see some beautiful places.


Oh yeah! I can’t wait to see Europe for myself. It’s so exciting but it does make me nervous thinking about it too haha! I went to Thailand in 2012 and the Philippines with family when I was 12, so I’m finally getting out of Australia again. Are you doing anything else while you’re in Europe?


Same, my friends have been already so I’ve heard stories and seen their photos but I can’t wait to see it for myself and come home with my own stories and adventures. Yes I have a night stop over in Dubai on the way there and back to break up the flights, I leave Sydney on 1st November go to Dubai for a day & night then to Paris, I get into Paris on 3rd, have a night in Paris then our tour starts on 4th. Then after out tour I have 3 extra days in London then back to Dubai for a day & night stopover then I get back into Sydney on 30th November. What about you?


Hi there! I’m Laura - going on this trip as well! Traveling solo from Eastern Canada. Very excited!


Hi Laura, nice to hear from you. How exciting is this your first time to Europe?


It’s my first time to Europe! I’ve travelled all over North America, and have been to Cuba & Hawaii, but this will be my first time overseas. Really looking forward to it! I’m flying in and out of London - so I’ll be joining the tour there. Can’t wait! :smile:



I’m on the democracy rod tour which joins yours at Budapest, it’s my first solo tour too so hopefully should be exciting, I’m coming from the UK :blush:Not long now can’t wait!!



Hi Natasha, good to hear from you. I know, not long now it’s come up so fast just over a month away until I leave. I didn’t realize another group joined our trip but that good to know. Can’t wait to meet you all :blush:


Hi guys! I’m Daniel, from Christchurch, NZ. Me and my cousin Abbie will be joining you on this trip. It’s our first time in Europe and our first Topdeck tour. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Just about four weeks 'til our tour! Can’t wait to meet you all, it’s going to be a lot of fun :slight_smile:


I know, it was 4 weeks yesterday (Tuesday) until I leave :grinning: so excited