Discover Winter 4th Dec- 23 Dec


Anyone going on this tour?

So excited :slight_smile:


yeh!!! what country are you from


Yep we are going on this tour - we are from Aus (Adelaide) ;D Can not wait!!


does anyone know how cold it will be??? B-)


We are from Sydney, Australia. So excited.
Im wondering about the cold too, Im imagining that it will be freezing!



we are also from sydney!! i think it will be very cold, im packing snow boots… time is going sooo slow


We are thinking of buying snow boots too! We are going to other places before and after the tour too so we will definately need warmclothes!
Time is going fast for us, we leave in three weeks :wink:


Hi guys
My partner and I are from Queensland. Very excited about the trip. Not long to go now :slight_smile:
We were a bit worried we’d be the only ones going as there weren’t many posts.


I was thinking the same because it took a while to get a reply!
You guys starting in London?


Yeah we spend a few nights in London before the tour starts and then a few nights after and then fly to Ireland for a week :slight_smile:


That sounds good :slight_smile:
We are starting in London too.
Getting really excited now ;D


we are also starting in london, then after going to scotland for abit… getting excited.
question… how much spending money do you think we will need??


Hey Everyone,
My boyfriend and I are doing this tour, We are from Australia, south sydney area. We have been currently living in Scotland for the last 3months just travelling around. We have been to Paris and it was amazing, really excited to go back for the second time. Im really looking forward to meeting some new friends and having some awsome winter fun. Can not wait. So how many aussies are doing this tour lol haha :slight_smile:


Sounds to me like there are a fair few Aussies going!! :slight_smile:

I think topdeck recommend 50 75 euros per day whilst on the tour.

See you all soon ;D