Discover Winter 27th Nov- 16 Dec 2012


Is anyone going on this particular tour? My name is Tori and I’m from Brisbane Australia :slight_smile:


Hi Tori, My husband and I are booked to do this trip. We are from Cairns. Can’t wait!!


I’ll be going on that one as well. Will be by myself and first time in Europe so hoping to make lots of friends. I’m Louise and I’m from Melbourne :slight_smile:


Hey guys, Simon here. I’m one of a group of five (2 boys and 3 girls) coming on this tour. We are all from the south coast/Illawarra, NSW. We are flying in to London on the 24th Nov to commence our 2 year working holiday… getting very excited!


Not too much longer now!!!


Hi everyone! I’m doing the Caesar’s Pathway tour (from Rome to London starting the 3rd of December), I’m guessing I will be joining you guys! Can’t wait to start! I’m 25 and I’m from France.


Hello My name is Sarah,
My boyfriend and I are doing this tour, we are actually leaving tommorow to go up to London for 6 days. Is anyone else getting to london a few days earlier? We are actually staying at the hotel we are meeting at 2 days before, if anyone is staying there and wants to meet before we start the tour, that would be awsome. We are both really excited about this tour, we have currently been living in Scotland for the last for months, but we are from sydney in aus.
Cheers :slight_smile: