Discover Winter 20th Dec 2012


My boyfriend and I have booked for the Discover Winter tour on 20th Dec 2012.

Is anyone else booked for this one?

It’s our first big trip and first Top Deck tour, super excited! ;D


Do you know if you and your boyfriend are able to share a room when you’re in the hostels and stuff? Cause my boyfriend and I want to book this tour but we don’t want to have to share different rooms lol


When you book just let your travel agent know that you have a boyfriend and don’t wish to share a room with other people.

That’s what we have done and they said it wasn’t a problem :slight_smile:


My husband and I are going on this trip for our honeymoon.

When we booked straight through top deck online it gives you the option to select whether you share a twinshare room or need to be matched up with someone.

However we are arriving almost a week before the tour starts and staying for a week after it finishes.


My boyfriend and I are also booked on this tour, looks like a big massive double date! & also we were able to request twin share :slight_smile:

Can’t wait!!!


I’m just feeling a bit old lol


My partner and I are also going on this tour ha.

Gemma, I’m 22, and my bf is 25. Don’t worry about age - I’m sure we’ll have a huge variation on the trip!


Getting close now…how much money (pounds, euros) are people taking with them on the trip? Just trying to work it out… We will be staying in London for 3 days before the tour starts and a week after it finishes… Trying to plan for food, transport, day tours/trips and spending money… Any thoughts or suggestions?


Hi All,

I have booked this same tour for myself and my recently wed wife.

Looks like there’s going to be a few couples from Queensland on the same tour.

Gemma, in regards to your money question, we are planning on an average of $200 AUD (roughly 125 Pounds or 160 Euro) per day for the tour. We think this should be enough, as it’s our first trip to Europe and first big tour, we don’t want to miss out on any of the extras and regret it later. Some days will be quite expensive, some should be reasonably cheap.

If you are in the UK for an extra week, you could be spending more per day than when on the tour. Just remember to have access to your money in multiple forms - some cash, travellers cards, credit/debit cards etc. Make sure that none of the cards you are carrying have high daily limits. I recently heard a story of a guy on a tour who was pick-pocketed and within an hour, over 30 Grand had been run up on his Credit Card. There are more and more security and fail-safes to circumvent this, but it doesn’t always kick in soon enough.

I find debit cards are great for safe and easy access to money. I only keep small amounts available at a time and will transfer more when needed. It may not work out the cheapest, as you will probably be charged conversion fees each time but I still find it convenient.



Thanks Luke.

Will this trip be your honeymoon too?

We are currently tossing up between 3 travel cards and will be taking an emergency debit card too. I think we are looking at allocating ourselves about £5000 each for a month (we will convert some to euros before we go) plus some extra emergency cash. We plan on being pretty cautious with how we carry our money (I’ve travelled overseas quite a bit before just not to this part of the world) but I don’t know how someone can go an hour without knowing their card is gone… If it gets stolen, it would make sense to cancel it straight away…I have also heard some worrying tales, but most of the warnings and ‘heads up’ people offer tend to be ‘common sense’ things so I’m not too concerned (just prepared).

We are also not looking to miss out on any opportunities - I’m already starting to research all the things I wish to do and places I want to go during our free days :slight_smile: as well as when i will have time to see friends and family :slight_smile:

Are you both staying in London pre- and post trip?


Hi Gemma,

Yes this trip will be for our Honeymoon. I don’t think it’s going to be the relaxed and laid back honeymoon we originally thought we would have.

As for the 2nd hand story/example I gave, the hour was just how long it took him to get to the embassy/police station (can’t remember which he said) and to start the process going. In hindsight, I guess a quick phone call to your Bank should be the first step.

We are only staying in the UK 2 nights before the tour and the night the tour ends, a bit of a whirlwind trip. Would love to spend more time in and around the UK but won’t get a chance this time around.

We’re staying at Umi Hotel, simply for the convenience with the tour beginning and ending there. The rates are quite good going direct through their website. I booked the first 2 nights through Agoda (as I had around $50 credit with them) and I booked the last night through their own site. Both had comparable rates but my Agoda booking tells me breakky isn’t included, where all of the booking options through Umi direct include breakfast, so I’ll have to see how that pans out.



Hey Luke,

We booked accommodation at UMI too when we organised our tour. My husband and I will also be on our honeymoon and we are staying in London for three days before the tour and a week afterwards. It’s getting close now :slight_smile: Just need to make it through to the holidays and I will finally be able to relax!

Might be nice to meet up before the tour if you are both interested :slight_smile: look forward to meeting everyone.



Hi Gemma,

That would be a good idea. I’m not sure if we are going to have our phones on us over there, will probably buy a local sim for the trip.
If you want to contact me easily, my email address is .

Hoping we have the right cold weather gear sorted, think we might be buying a few items once we get to the UK.

See you all soon.



Hi everyone, I’m going on this tour with my best friend… My name is Vicki and her name is Vanessa. Feel like we’ll be the odds ones out without partners. Looking forward to meeting you all in a week :slight_smile: super excited!!!