Discover Winter 2019!


Hey yal! Im going to book the 20 day Discover Winter Europe tour for Jan 2019!
I was wondering whos going to be going? And what are your thoughts on safety? My Mum is hella worried about staying safe because i will be travelling solo!


Hi!! My name’s Hannah, I’m interested on the trip for Jan 2019 too :slight_smile: I’m also going alone and I’ve never done that before so I don’t know If I can say much about staying safe hahahaha But I have some friends that did it and they said it went totally fine so I’m hoping for the best hahaha see ya


Oh really! Do you know what dates you were looking at? Im going to book the 11th-30th of Jan (Im pretty sure thats the right dates, but it definitely starts on the 11th)


Yeey Actually I’m looking for something after January 17th, because I will only able to travel after that day :confused: I’m really hoping there’s something! Wbu?


Oh damn! I’m sure you will find something! They have so many options


So we’ll probably not be going on the same trip, right? :frowning: Too bad! I was so happy that I actually found someone who’s going on Jan 2019 here hahah


Probably not if you are looking to go after the 17th :slightly_frowning_face:. I was hoping to find someone too! I’m nervous going by myself


Where abouts are you travelling from?


Oh : That’s sad :frowning: I’m really sure we’ll find people to travel with! We have about a year to do that! Hey, topdeck page is not allowing me to reply to you all your messages because I’m a new user :frowning: I’ve sent you a message to make things easier :slight_smile: