Discover Winter 07th December 2018


Hiiiiii everyone!

Thought I would start a thread for anyone who is on this trip. I know it’s early days but it’s always nice to have on here :slight_smile:

Look toward to meeting y’all!


Hey there! I’m coming too!
There’s 3 of us from Sydney


That’s exciting!!

Three of us too! It’s a topdeck reunion for us. We all met in America last year.

Cantttttt wait!


Where are you guys from? My friends and I are from Syd, Australia


I’m from Brisbane, one of the girls is from Sydney and the other is from New Zealand (Invercargill) :slight_smile:


I am also going on this trip! I am from Adelaide! :slight_smile:


How exciting, Kate! Are you coming solo? Hopefully time flies by for us all :slight_smile:


Yes I am coming solo! This is my first trip overseas by myself. After I have done this 20 day trip I am then going on the 14 day Winter Britain and Ireland tour. Which I am also so excited about. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m coming solo from Melbourne! Just booked :slight_smile:


I’m going on this tour. I’m travelling solo from Sydney! This will be my first Europe trip. I’ve been to America twice so looking forward to exploring somewhere new! Can’t wait to meet you all!!


Hey guys, my sister and I are coming on this trip, we are from Sydney :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! There is a facebook group “Discover Winter ex London/Paris 07th December 2018” - feel free to jump on!


We have a FB group

“Discover Winter ex London/Paris 07th December 2018”