Discover France tour Sept. 22


[size=2][/size][color=0000ff]Hey! Anyone else going to France for the Sept. 22 tour? I’m coming by myself. Look forward to hearing from you if you’re going on this trip too!

It’ll be my 2nd time going to France–my first was on summer study aboard as an undergrad.[/color] B-)


Hey ElisaB,

I have only just gotten around to getting onto the Topdeck forum, I will be on the Sept 22nd tour, I will be by myself as well & it will be my first time in France. I’m in Paris it self for about 5 days before the tour starts. Anyways I look forward to chatting you & seeing you on the tour.


Likewise! ;D


Are you visiting anywhere else or just France this time around?


Hi, I will also be on this tour, getting very close can’t wait! Also travelling solo, arriving in Paris day before tour starts.


Just France this time. I plan to stay overnight in Paris after the tour ends–no sense rushing to the airport that same day!

Need to stay overnight in Paris before heading home when the trip ends? Here are 3 sites I checked for hotels:
Paris Tourism Bureau-English site:
Reserve ASAP before the price and/or room availability changes! Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


EliseB, I’m doing the same as well. Extra night in Paris but I am flying out quite early the next morning though.

Rae87, it’s nice to see another Aussie on the tour at least I won’t be the only one. I’m already counting down the days to my flight over.


im travelling a little before, only 11 sleeps! cant wait to see you both IN PARIS