Discover France 7 September (HTDF) 7/9/2013


Hi All,

Am booked on the 7/9 Departure on the Discover France tour and am keen to talk to others on the same tour or hear other peoples experiences on this tour.

I am traveling solo which I’m a bit nervous about but I’m looking forward to meeting new people and using this trip to boost my confidence.

I arrive into Paris on the 3rd of September

A plus tard et parler bientot


Hey Cam,
Im on the same tour! im also travelling solo, i am slightly more relaxed now that i know im not the only one haha :slight_smile:


Hi Kelly!
Nice to meet you :slight_smile:
It turns out there are a few of us traveling solo on this trip. I’ve met a few others on the ‘Top Deck Meet People’ app. Should be amazing experience!