Discover France 30/06/12


[font=Comic Sans MS]Hey everyone!
My name is Will, I’m 21 and from Perth.
I just booked myself in for the Discover France tour departing on the 30th of June this year. Just wanted to see if there were any other France enthusiasts out there touring at the same time as me.



I’m Tara, from Brisbane and I’m 19.

I’m booked in for the same tour - so excited to see France


Hey Tara!
Yeah I’m pretty excited as well. Cannot wait to see Mont St Michel - some of my friends have been there and they haven’t stopped raving about it.

I’m off to Europe for 6 weeks during my the university holidays; hoping to get through most of France on this tour, and then work my way through northern Italy towards Croatia (might be doing a sailing adventure as well). Where else are are you planning on going?


it’s going to be amazing!

I’m focusing on France this time around… worked in a few extra days around the tour to spend in Paris, but my uni break is unfortunately quite short so that’s it.

Italy sounds amazing. Definitely aiming to go next time…


How was the trip discover france? Did you like it? I want to do it i september.