Discover Europe



Just wondering is anyone else is going on Discover Europe starting July 31st. I’m so excited to be going, I’m spending a few days in Paris and joining the trip in Paris.



Hey Mel,

Great to hear from someone travelling on the same tour. Just booked in everything today and doing pretty much just like you, spending a couple of days in Paris and then joining the trip. Can’t wait. You travelling solo?



Hi Hus,

I’m a solo traveller, I just can’t wait to get to paris and get lost exploring. I can’t believe that we leave in just over 2 months, I have been waiting for this trip for so long now.



Hey Mel,
I know!!! I’ve never bought a calender before but i bought one just so i can cross out all the remaining days :slight_smile: Exciting times ahead. I can tell from now that its gonna be the best 5 weeks of my life. :slight_smile: Solo is the way to go. Hope to see you there. Have fun!



g’day Hus and Mel.
i am also going on the 31 July discover Europe with my partner Karen
i am on Facebook as Luke Johnson (my pic is a Lego man) or on email
looking forward to it all… see you soon perhaps