Discover Europe!


Hey I am leaving on the 15th May on the Discover Europe 28 day tour, who else is coming?! Get excited people it looks like an amazing tour! :slight_smile:


Me!! So excited! :slight_smile: We are joining the tour in Paris in the evening of the 15th.
Can’t wait, it looks like it’s going to be such an amazing trip

Are you going solo? Have you been to Europe before?


Hey Lisa,
Looking forward to meeting you! I know it does, doesn’t it?! Yes it is my first time overseas and I am travelling solo. What about you? It shall be an adventure of a life time! :slight_smile:


Hey Alecia,

I am going for the full 28 days with my partner Jared, neither of us have been overseas before (except for Australia which doesn’t really count) :slight_smile:
Really looking forward to it! Pretty much counting down the days now haha

We are going to LA for 2 days before we get to Europe so are flying straight into Paris (and starting the trip there)

Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else

Lisa :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to meet you and Jared! Definitely saving up for those French macaroons! Have fun in LA! :slight_smile: