Discover Europe Tour departing 28 Sept 2010


Hi there!

My boyfriend and I are booked on the Discover Europe tour departing Sept 28th.
Anyone else going on this one?

A bit early to post, I know, but we’re excited!

Would love to hear from anyone else booked on this one.


Alex and Ryan



Hmmm…may have been a bit eager and posted super early??


I’ll see you there Amigo…looks like a fun trip…I did the venetian Trail a couple of years ago and it was great…but this looks like the mutha of all trips… ;D


Hi Alex,

Yes we are!

My girlfriend and I are going on this trip.

First time with Topdeck but i’ve been on contiki before. We will be staying at the Umi on the Monday before we leave.


Luke and Christine :slight_smile:


Hey all!

Great to hear from you - we were joking we were doing the tour alone (knew we wouldn’t be :-P)

I agree Coey80 - this looks like the most unreal trip! So pumped!

We leave for Europe a bit before the trip - almost time to get on the plane!
We’re staying with friends and family so won’t be at the Umi until the first day.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Europe :smiley:


your totally right Alex22…it’s going to be unreal…I will be getting over a Topdeck Oktoberfest tour for the opening weekend before this massive tour and hopefully staying with my sister in London before the trip…but no matter the amount of people…it’s always fun and great times with the topdeck staff…couldn’t be in better hands with those guys…see you all bright and early on the 28th :slight_smile:


Not long now!

Hope you aren’t too hungover after Oktoberfest Coey80 :stuck_out_tongue:

Luke & Christine - change of plan, we’re going to stay at the Umi the night before too so might bump into you then!


Hopefully sobered up before then…hopefully…will actually be staying at UMI now after I actually realised the time we leave on the 28th…might see you there


Hi All,

We will be joining you on Sept 28th also!! So very very excited!!
We will be staying at the Umi 2 nights prior to the trip.

See you all then :slight_smile:

Nigel & Jackie


Hi All,

We’ll be joining you all aswell, staying at the Umi for a few days prior to see a few sights on London.
Looks like there’s a few Aussies on this tour already

Cheers, Mike and Janica :wink:


Awesome, more Aussies ;D

We are staying at the UMI the night before the trip as well, it will be much better than trying to make our way their at 5 in the morning.

We are just wondering if anyone was keen to catch up for a drink the night before we leave?


Anyone know how strict they are on baggage sizes?

I’ve got a roller suitcase which I’ve taken through all my travels the last few years, but its considerable larger ~10cms each way above the recommended limits.

I’ve heard as long as your baggage weight is ok, they’re not too strict on sizing, anyone able to confirm either way?

As for the catchup drink, yeh we’re up for it - how we going to recognise people heading on the tour once we’re all at the Umi?

keeps an ear out for Aussie accents :wink:

Cheers, Mike


hi everyone… i was just wondering if anyone was doing this trip by them selves?
i was planning on going by my self, but am a little worried ill be the only one travelling alone?
cheers :slight_smile:


Aussie accents are a good start :stuck_out_tongue:
We are getting back to London from Italy that night but should be safe to say meet around maybe 8/8:30pm ish if you’re keen for a drink??
You’ll probably be able to recognise us - my boyfriend has dreadlocks.

And Matty2010 - don’t stress if you’re on your own, I have no doubt it’ll be heaps of fun!!


Hei dude,
Yes, my partner and me also joining the tour. Will be visiting London & Manchester few day earlier. But not staying at Umi on Sept 27. See you all on early morning.

See you on earlier morning on Sept 2


Hey guys…
I’ll be heading along to this tour, all by my little self! Can’t wait… Will be spending an extra few days in Paris, then meet you all at the hotel Campanile the night of the 28th. Couldn’t resist wandering around such a beautiful city a bit longer!

Catch everyone soon :slight_smile:


Hey guys, we won’t be able to make it for the night-before drinks, we’re gonna see a west-end show!
See you bright and early Monday :slight_smile:


Alright I guess we will just see everyone bright and early tomorrow morning. :slight_smile: