Discover Europe Tour 28 August 2012


My partner and I just finalised our booking for this tour. Super excited! Who else is coming? :slight_smile:


Hi Fee! My hubby and I will also be on the tour. It’s our first time overseas and we’re super excited! Can’t wait to meet you both :slight_smile:


Hi all!

Me too! I’ll be ending in Rome but still looking forward to doing the first part of the journey together with you guys. Super excited to be able to do Europe for the first time. :slight_smile:

I bought my Western Europe lonely planet book last week so looking forward to reading up and planning.

You guys travelling anywhere else before or after the trip?


Yay! Fellow travellers :slight_smile:

We’re staying a couple of days either side of the tour in London. Would LOVE to have stayed longer and seen more but it was a challenge getting 5 weeks leave from work as it is!

This will be my first trip around Europe as well. Seriously can’t wait ;D

Let me know if that book is any good, Vanessa. I definitely want to do some reading before we go!


Hi Fee

The book is handy. I’ll be doing Rome and Venice solo so had to read up on things. I ordered the book online from a store called Book Depository. Only $22. Retail price in Aus is $48. Definitely worth getting. I figured we’ll have free time to explore ourselves too so worth reading up.

If you’re interested, it’s called Western Europe by lonely planet but it only covers the Western part which is where I’ll be visiting. I won’t be doing the Eastern side e.g Germany. Check the store anyways. You may find something more useful for your trip.

I’ll share any exciting reads on here. Reading up on Rome right now :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! Can’t believe its only a few months until the tour now! Really looking forward to meeting everyone!