Discover Europe Tour 1st October Departure


Hi there, just wondering if there is anyone going [br]on the Discover Europe tour 1st October? If so I would love to [br]talk to you about it.:)[br][br]Discover Europe


Hey Ace,[br][br]I will be joining your tour in Barcelona and going home from Rome. Where are you from? I am from Canada.[br][br]Tom


Hi Tom, I’m from New Zealand, just counting down the days, [br]10 to go.[br][br][br][br][br]Andy


Hi Guys,[br][br]Me and my good buddy Mary Rose will be joining you. Not long to go!! We are starting the tour in London and doing the whole 26 days. Is anybody staying at the Globetrotter Inn, London on Sept 30? [br][br]Keep smiling,[br]Linda ;D


I can’t wait as well! I have been checking weather conditions of the major cities that we will be going everyday while it’s still about 2 weeks away…[br][br]Are you guys going by yourself or with friends?


Hey[br][br]Im going on the entire tour starting from the 1st of October. Im 21 and from australia and will be doing the tour solo, is anyone else travelling by themselves???[br]Im also starting off at the globetrotter in and will be there 2 days before the tour kicks off.


Hey,[br][br]I’m 26, Australian and doing tour solo. Doing the entire trip and will be at Globetrotter 1 day before it starts.[br][br]5 days until I fly out![br][br]See you there ;D[br][br]Brad[br][br]


Looks like my gf and I are the only ones from the north pole![br][br]Look forward to meeting all of you guys!!! :slight_smile:


Hi guys, great to see more people here,[br]I am going solo also, Hi Cenzi, Brad and Linda.[br]I’m staying at the Globe trotter on the 30th September[br]as well. [br][br]I look forward to meeting you all ;D[br][br]Andy


I think its great we have a people from all over the globe on this tour. MOT i do think ur the only ones from the north pole lol.[br]Its good to know also that most people are staying at the globe trotter the night or 2 before the tour kicks off. be great for a few of us to catch up for a drink and a get to know you session before we set off for the trip.


hey everyone![br]i’m going to this trip as well, 4 days to go! yay![br]will be staying at globetrotter the night before too. [br];D


hey everyone![br]i’m going to this trip as well, 4 days to go! yay![br]will be staying at globetrotter the night before too. [br];D


OMG!! I can’t believe it is my last day at work today!! Can’t wait!! It’s gonna be so much fun![br][br]I am looking forward to meeting all you people.[br][br]Linda :sunglasses:


Hey guys[br][br]im off to catch my plane tomorrow!!! cant believe its here already, pumped for the trip but also very nervous. Im sure i will see most of u around the globetrotter the day or two before the trip. Catch yas soon, hope its a great trip.


Hi everyone[br]I’m Kelly from Australia who is also travelling alone. I’m 24.[br][br]I am starting the tour in Paris (because i’m already here) so i will miss out on the festivities at the globetrotter. Make sure you all fill me in!!![br][br]Cant wait to meet you all. sounds like it’s going to be a great trip!![br][br]Kell[br][br]kell