Discover Europe starting August 3


I’m just wondering if anyone else is on this tour? would love to have some contacts before I go! also has anyone else done this tour that has any pre-departure advice? Hope to hear from anyone!



Yes, European discover 26 days, starting date august 3rd, well it’s nice to know somebody cares about meeting people before the tour starts, and well, pre-departure advice? there’s a pdf document on the website, you mean that or what about?

if you find anyone else on this tour, I’ll also like to know who they are, by the way my mail: , on title write about tour (e-mail)

take care


I just did a Discover Europe tour that ended in May. Let me know if you have any questions!

p.s. We arrived in London a day before the tour departed and got to the Umi in the early morning. Unfortunately, check-in was not until 2 pm!