Discover Europe September 3rd


Hey Hey! Is anyone on this tour? I hear that its booked full! I’ll be doing the starting in Paris option!!! Hope to hear from someone soon!! :slight_smile:


Fantastic trip you wish never ends!


Hey, My cousin and I are booked on this tour we are leaving from London. I herd it was fully booked as well so it should be good trip! Where abouts are you from?[br][br]Andrew[br]Perth, Australia


im interested in this tour or the europe uncovered around the same time, i havnt book on yet but am thinkin i better had soon if that 1s booked up already!? [br][br][br]kerry x


Hey if your on this tour and your on facebook join this event:[br][br][br]


bump bump[br][br]Anyone out there on this tour???