Discover Europe - Sept 14 to Oct 9, 2010


My friend Michelle and I are very much looking forward to discovering Europe :slight_smile:
We are wondering who will be joining us on our journey …



My boyfriend and I are going on this tour… so we will be joining you 2 ;D
OMG! We are sooooo excited!!!
We have planned to stay in London 4 days beforehand which should be awesome too…
How are all your plans going along for the trip??


YAY! We have a reply :slight_smile: Chelle and I were thinking that we were going to be on this tour alone LOL
We are very excited also :slight_smile: 62 days to go!!! And counting!
We will be in London before the tour as well … for 3 days. Are you staying at the Umi?
I have been a bit slack with the plans of late but all the important stuff is locked in … it’s just a matter of getting a suitcase, converting money and buying a camera … come to think of it… they are pretty important things LOL

How about yourselves? Are you going elsewhere after the tour?


I’ve just returned to australia from doing this tour and it was fantastic!


Hi All!

Am on the first half of this tour (up to Rome) and traveling alone…
will be in london 2 days before the tour to see Stonehenge!!! would be great to know if anybody else is planning to do so?
can’t wait!!! :slight_smile:



Hey Guys!!!
Sorry it’s been a while since I check the forum…
Dee & Chelle … looks like we are doing the same trip!
We are staying at the Umi for 4 days before the trip and got some friends living in London who we will catch up with while we are there.
Just organised my suitcase last week but Raul (my boyfriend needs to find one with the measurements)
We got our Travel Cards from ANZ last month… but the Euro’s are so bad at the moment… and the pounds… even worse :frowning: grrr!!!

28 days!!! ;D ;D ;D


I did this trip back in 2007 around June/July departure. Had a fabulous time and have made some long life friends in which we have remained friends with and who even visited and stayed with us on their return trip home after working in the UK after this trip.

If anyone has any questions, would be happy to help. My advice would be, if you can afford it, try and do as many culturally associated activities you can as these nights can be most memorable…ie: Cabaret show in France, Flamenco show in Spain (sangria is delish) and so on. It’s also a good way to get to know your fellow travelers.


Hey Suz, Raul, Trent and Roxanne,

Sorry its taken Dee and I a while to get back to you. Do you think we are the only 6 people on this tour??? LOL

Dee and I will be staying at the Umi as well. Sorry Roxanne, neither Dee nor myself have ever been to London so we will be exploring as much as we can in the days prior to the tour starting, so may not be able to make it to Stonehenge…we’ll have to put that one on the list for next time :slight_smile:

As both Dee and I have been busy with our jobs we are falling behind on the organisation front Arrrggggghhhh! We have no choice but to get there in the end though, even if it involves a panic two days before we leave! ahhh the joys! How is everyone else going? Sounds like you and Raul are pretty much set Suz ?!

Not too long to go now !!! :slight_smile:


Hey all!!
Not long to go now… Getting very excited!!!
Surely there are more than just us going on the tour hehe…

So do you all live in Australia?? If so, where abouts??
We live in Melbourne :slight_smile:

Raul and I were just talking about the Stonehenge just last night because we were watching ‘King Arthur’…
How far is it from London?? We would love to see it but if it’s too far then maybe not.

Also, in regards to ice, we are definitely going to try do as many activities as possible. I’m sure they will be awesome =)

Anyways, we are both sick at the moment… I have an ear infection and Raul has a cold… We are trying to get better and built up our immune system so we don’t get sick while we are on holidays.

Take care


hey everyone!

am 29 (which makes me everyone’s grandma? :slight_smile: ) and been living in Dubai for 5 years now…

Chelle, am seriously thinking that we might only be the 6 people in this tour lol… great then! we’ll have the entire bus to ourselves!!! :slight_smile:

Suz - stonehenge’s not too far i guess - there’s a day tour that picks you up from london then goes though either oxford/windsor castle or bath/lacock… am still looking into some tour packages that will allow me to touch the stones… no way am going there just to look at it from across a fence… that would be unimaginable?!! :slight_smile: lol… anywayz, get well soon…

btw… once in paris… am thinking of doing moulin rouge instead of the cabaret… i’ve read some not-so-good-review on the cabaret… ice, any thoughts on this? :slight_smile:

counting down!!!

take care all


Hey Roxanne,

You live in Dubai!! That must be beautiful… so want to go there one day!

I really like the way you think =D
Moulin Rouge sounds awesome… definitely up for that!
So true about the stonehenges too… I would love to be able to touch them =) Those tours look great, pretty sure we’ll do a day trip there while we are in London.

How’s everyone going for savings?
I’m so scared we might run outta money… gotta be careful in London because pounds are expensive =(


Hi Everyone!

Not long to go now!

Suz & Raul…hope you guys get better very soon.

Rox…never fear…you are a youngen…I am 32 and Dee turns 32 whilst we are away. So we sort of thought we would be filling the grandma shoes on the tour :slight_smile: Dee and I are from Sydney.

Moulin rouge sounds like a great idea, I would be interested to hear your opinion as well Ice.

Suz and Raul…a bit of a silly question this late in the game, but we were told by our travel agent that we didn’t need visas for anywhere…were you guys told the same thing?? I thought it better to double check rather than be very very sorry.

Ok, take care everyone.

Happy packing!!



Ok got me really freaking out now cause my agent said we didn’t need one either but I just checked Top Deck Visa chart and it said that Andorra needs a schengen visa…
We are completely freaking out peeps!!!
Do we need a tourist visa?..

What are we going to??? We only have 11 days before we depart… arrrghh
Any help… anyone who has done this trip before?



ei chelle, oh no - i am not the grandma? :(… i am sad now lol… i wanted to fill the tour-granny shoes so i can tell everyone to start behaving (and i can misbehave whenever i want to haha)

btw, regarding your visa concerns - check these out:

yep, i am saving like crazy…
and yes MOULIN ROUGE!!! i sooo wanna go… suz, if we run out of cash - maybe we girls can start dancing at some street corners - but it has to be moulin-rouge-style lol…

suz, i found a stonehenge tour that would allow me to touch the stones yay! it’s USD 133 including windsor castle + oxford… (cool, i can ogle at cutesy-geeky college professors while am there) haha…

are you all guys staying at Umi Hotel pre-tour?.. coz am not -they’re fully booked… so i guess i’ll meet you guys on the 14th?

CAN’T WAIT!!! :smiley:



Phew!! (about the visa’s)
We thought that we would be okay because Andorra is only a stop-over. :slight_smile:
What’s the tour for stonehenge called, cause that sounds awesome…
Raul also wants to go to LegoLand in London haha… I think he will be dragging me there lol
Yeah we are staying at the Umi from the 10th til 14th… booked in early :slight_smile:

Not long… so we’ll see you all there ;D


Hey guys,

So sorry Suz to freak you out re the visa thing!! I thought that I would just double check and make sure that others had been told the same thing :slight_smile: I did a bit more checking on some Aus government sites and we are fine.

Dee and I are also staying at the Umi. We check-in late on the 10th Sept.

Rox…Dee and I would be more than happy to relinquish the tour granny title …if only we knew how to turn back time…damn! LOL :slight_smile:

Ok, see you all very soon!!



trent, ahhh nooo… after dee and chelle relinquished their titles, am still 2nd on the granny shoes!? - my granny-tour dream is starting to look grimmer and grimmer hahaha… kidding :smiley:

good to know that your visa worries are solved… plus, andorra’s so small (i think?) - if they really require a schengen visa, i’ll join you guys in walking around the country’s outskirts lol (pardon me, i think i had too much chocolate on my brain tonight :p)

suz, legoland sounds really cool! i don’t blame your raul… :slight_smile:
for the stonehenge tour - this is the link…
it’s a sunset tour - i hope i’ll get amazing photos!!

literally counting the days… :slight_smile:



That’s okay guysÂ… phew!!! (that’s all I gotta say)

I think I’m gonna be the baby of the groupÂ… I’m 21, Raul is 25.
I seriously can’t believe that noone else has found this forum other than us lolÂ… we are awesome =P

We leave Melbourne NEXT THURSDAYÂ… omg peeps!!! oh em gee!!!


hey kids,

my best mate suzie and i will be on the first half of the tour hopping off in rome to do italy on our own. we fly to london this sunday, staying with friends in the city, but will be at the umi hotel on the Monday night…so hopefully see a few of you at the pub preparing for the 6am start!! yuk!

cant wait.