Discover europe - paris


Hi all ,

I have been looking at the various things to do in Paris .

Can anybody let me know what they found to be the best things to do while in Paris ?

We only have the one free day and a free night so - no doubt it will be action packed . ’

Reading several reviews of things - it seems that spending a lot of money is quite easy to do .

The cabaret " Moulin Rouge " reviews surprised me as a lot of people would not recommend ( from reviews i read ) ?

I wife and i have been to quite few great stage shows back home , should we maybe stick to a really good stage show ?

The Louvre - is another thing we would love to see - we are going in september so will there be big lines when waiting to get in , can anybody recommend anything on this - and what it will roughly cost etc .

Any advise on these above things and any other cool things people have done in Paris would be really appreciated .



I’m doing the discover Europe trip in September also…what date are you guys going?


Hi there ,

Our tour is leaving on the 13th September for the 28 days and visiting 15 countries .




My boyfriend and i are doing this tour departing Sept 13th too!! Cant wait to meet you all!!

Simon - I was googling Moulin Rouge too. I would love to see a can can/caberet show, but the real Moulin Rouge is around 195 Euro for dinner and show. A bit pricey. Apparently there are some other good ones like Crazy Horse etc but they are still quite expensive. Maybe our tour leader can point us in the direction of a good (cheap) one.


Hey Kateee Kate ,

I was looking at Topdeck optional excursions on main page of website . For Paris they have a Latin Cabaret show for 60 euro . Maybe thats what we could go to ? Our tour leader will ask us what extra’s we will all be doing at start of trip .

Are you guys roughing it a bit ? We see that there is a itinary guide on Topdeck home page that suggests 60 euro a day per person .

Im trying to find out which countries that we visit are the most expensive .

Talk soon



Ive only travelled through Sth East Asia before, so Europe is gonna be a big change. I think the suggested daily allowance is based on doing all the optional extras and food. I spose we’ll be roughing it in the sense that we wont eat at expensive restaurants and cafes and try for cheap roadside food stalls. I dont drink anymore so thats another expense I dont have to worry about.
We are travelling around the UK for 2 weeks before and was planning on about $5k for the whole 7 weeks away just to be safe.


;D Hi Summa,

My partner and I will be along for the ride. I’m from Newy originally also. See you on the bus.