Discover Europe optional activities prices?


Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone could please email me or reply with some of the prices for the optional activities for the Discover Europe or similiar tour.

I’m looking at possibly booking one in the future.

I understand that obviously prices may change and that the activities on offer may actually change - but I would REALLY REALLY like to have this rough information to use as a rough guide.

I know its listed to budget 60-70 Euro per day, but I would really like to see the costs of these optional extras.

Thank you!


Great Question! I hope someone responds ill be doing this tour on the 5/07/11 and would like to know also for budget reasons. I have done a contiki before (dont know if top deck is too similar) and some of the options were excellent, definately worth doing.


I have found the following PDF online, it doesnt inlcude prices but if you read through it the optionals are mentioned.