Discover Europe - May 8!


Hey everyone,

I am new to the forum. I am going on the Discover Europe tour starting May 8th and am looking forward to it! I am travelling solo and just wondering who else is going on that tour?

Would love to “meet” before we do in person. Just over a month away…

Holly - from Alberta, Canada


Hey Holly,

My husband and i will be on this tour to!! not long left :slight_smile:



Hey guys,

My wife Danielle and I will be doing the Euro Emperor tour on May 8th starting at the Umi hotel, really getting exciting now with only a few weeks to go!



Hey guys!

I’m also doing the Discover Europe that starts May 8 (I’ll be joining in Paris).

Holly and Monica, I look forward to meeting you!

Are you guys all ready for the trip yet? :slight_smile:

XO Carrie