Discover Europe May 4th 2018!


Hey everyone!

Just wondering if there is anybody else on here that has booked the Discover Europe trip beginning on May 4th 2018.

This can give us chance to get to know each other before heading on the trip of a lifetime!

This is my first overseas trip and I’m going solo, so I am looking forward to meeting you all. It would also be awesome to know where you are from! I am from Australia :slight_smile:

Also, which city are you excited for the most?

I look forward to your response!


Hi Bri,

I’ve been to a number of those countries/ cities on previous Topdeck tours. If you had questions, please feel free to ask.



Hi Damien!

Thank you so much for your offer to help!

I do have one main question. Since we are spending such little time in every place, and we are only driving by or walking by main attractions, do you actually have time to go in and actually see them? I’m thinking about preordering tickets to the attractions so I can skip the queues as much as I can, but I don’t know if it will be enough. This is my first trip overseas, and I haven’t had a holiday in 12 years, so I want to try an see them if I can.

Kind regards,


Hey Bri,

Im looking at going on this trip, or the one departing one week later. There’s so many options to choose from!

I would be coming from Melbourne. Would also be my first solo and overseas trip.


Hey Tim!

There are so many options! It’s such a weight off your shoulders when everything is booked!

I’m coming from Melbourne too! I don’t live in Melbourne anymore, I moved to the country a year ago, but I will be leaving from Tullamarine :slight_smile:

From what I can tell with the app, we have at least 10 people, including myself booked for the trip starting on May 4th.


Im thinking it will either be this one or the camping one. They go for a similar amount of time. Are you going to do a couple days in England before hand?


I’ll be having a day in London before starting the trip. I get in to London at 5:55am on May 3rd and I’m staying near the pick up zone. Definitely going to challenge myself to stay up for the whole day to beat the jet lag


Yeah thats fair!
Right now im tossing up between this one, the mega one, pioneer or the camping one :confused::confused:


Just depends what style of travel you would prefer. Because I haven’t had a holiday is so long, I decided I wanted more comfort while travelling. This made me decide on a hotel trip (get more privacy and comfort at the same time). The Mega European is very good, one of my best friends did it, but he also added a hotel trip on top of it and extended his time over there.


HI Bri, I am really interested in doing this tour also.
I am tossing up whether or not to do this tour or the Mega Europe one, I am just worried that the 49 days might be a little too long? Plus, I would much prefer hotels rather than hostels, although my friends have said that the hostels aren’t as bad as I would think :thinking:
I am 20 and from Australia too.


Hey Tianna!

It would be awesome to have you as part of our group! Have you thought more about which tour you are going to book?

From what I hear, both tours are fantastic. Just depends if you want that extra bit of comfort :slight_smile:


Hi Bri,

I am doing this trip with my sister. We arrive in Paris a few days before the tour starts and are meeting the group in Paris.
We have been on a Topdeck trip before and can’t wait for this one!


Hi Gretel!

So happy to here that you and your sister will be on the trip! Only 2 months to go!
Can’t wait to meet you both!