Discover Europe June 26 2012


Hey guys!

Just booked a Discover Europe trip departing June 26 2012, anyone else going on this trip? Love to chat to you :slight_smile:


Rhiannon i am booked on the same tour ;D
soooo excited cant wait… only 171 days before we leave!!! (not that I’m counting) in London a week before the tour starts! so i am from Western Australia a few hours from Perth, i see you are from melbs! My Partner and i are doing the trip together I’m 26 and hes 35


woo hoo, finally in 2012… that means we are actually going this year!! exciting!!


Hello :slight_smile:

sorry for not replying sooner been busy working away trying to save some spending money while im on hols from uni.
So yes I am from melbourne currently studying at uni and this trip is going to be my 21st present so i really can’t wait! Bet you and your partner are just as excited!
I’m going to be in London a couple of days before hand as well. Are you guys staying in the same hotel as the one the tour leaves from?


Hi, i never got the notification that you had replied! Yes super excited, we are saving like crazy too! aw cool what are u studying at uni? we are going on this trip for our be-lated honeymoon :wink: Pete is a farmer and i work in sales & marketing… yeah we leaving Perth on the 18th June catching up with some friends and family in London and will do a few day trips to have a look around. yep we staying at the Umi, its a great location! talking about it is making me really excited again! 3 and a bit months to go! B-)