Discover Europe - June 2017


I know it’s a long way off but I’d love to connect with anyone travelling on the ‘Discover Europe’ tour in June 2017. Hit me up :grin:


I’m doing European Uncovered next year :frowning:


Hi Emma, I haven’t booked yet but will be doing 23 June Discover Europe 2017. Which date are you leaving? :slight_smile:


I’m doing a portion of the Discover Europe tour (Road to Prague). I start in Rome on July 21st but I think the tour starts in London on July 4 or around that date. :slight_smile:


I’ll be on the tour that leaves 2 June from London. Shame we will miss each other! But looks like a fantastic trip


Hope you have fun!!! I’m looking forward to it too!


Me and two other friends will be on the first part of that trip!


That’s awesome! Looking forward to meeting you guys :slight_smile:


Hey Emma will be on the 2 June trip with my gf also should be good!


I’ll be doing Discover Europe on 16th June