Discover Europe June 2008


Anyone going on this tour? Discover Europe, June 2008…[br][br]Katie[br]Melbourne, Australia


Hi Katie,[br][br]Yes my partner and I are attending the one that departs on 11 June (Eurohotel)… can’t wait!!![br][br]Karen :)[br][br]Discover Europe - 11 June 2008


Anyone else going on this tour?[br][br]Karen[br][br]Discover Europe - 11 June 2008


Fantastic! My partner and i are also going together, 11 June! will you be in london for any time before the tour departs?[br][br]Katie


Oh yay… Jase and I are staying at the Globetrotter for 3 nights prior to departure. What about you? We are also travelling through the States prior to that and then moving to Gold Coast after the holiday… can’t wait![br][br]Karen :)[br][br]Discover Europe - 11 June 2008


P.S. Incase you are wondering, I’m 27 and Jase is 35 :)[br][br]Discover Europe - 11 June 2008


Wow that sounds fantastic!! The states are next on our list… where are you going and how long for? Jesse and I are also staying at the globetrotter for 3 nights before the tour starts, so it should be good to get around and look at London before we go on the tour. [br][br]Are you moving to the Gold Coast for work or lifestyle change? Either way, youve definately got an exciting year up your sleeves! Bet you cant wait!


We are heading to Vegas for 5 nights and then San Fran & New York (both 4 nights). Great to hear you are both staying at the Globetrotter too, are you on Facebook? We could link up and get to know each other :)[br][br]We are moving to the Gold Coast to be closer to my family, they all moved over about 7 years ago and I am finally following as not much family left in NZ, plus the lifestyle is different and Auckland has changed so much and I’m a tad over it![br][br]Discover Europe - 11 June 2008


Sounds Great! I went to Vegas when i was young but id love to go again and go to a few other places, especially New York! [br][br]I think it will make an easier transition for you to know that your family is already over here, the Gold Coast is a great place to live! How has Auckland changed? I havent actually been (besides to the airport on the way to L.A haha)[br][br]Also my facebook is


anyone else on this tour??


Hey guys, I’m going on the EuroHotel Trip as well. Just booked it last week and I’m excited as all hell![br]Im doing the trip alone. I’ll be in London for a week beforehand staying with a friend, then Im in Italy for 2 weeks after the tour.[br][br]Good times ahead no doubt![br][br]Andrew[br]Perth, Australia[br]


Hi all,[br][br]Me and my partner are also goin on this tour. we r both 21 looking foward to it! cant wait to meet u all, im sure we will have a blast.[br][br]Deanna :)[br][br]dmaunick


Oh yay more people :o)[br][br][br][br]Discover Europe - 11 June 2008


Fantastic! Are you staying at the globetrotter beforehand? we’ll all be able to have a few beers before the tour starts


I’ve got a friends place to crash at before the tour. Can’t refuse free accommodation while it’s there! Im thinking of staying at the Globetrotter the night before the tour to avoid the early morning. Plus, who can turn down beers?


Hey Guys! [br]There are 6 of us coming on the trip on the 11th! We are all female and 23-24yrs old. Looks like the girls may out weigh the boys on this one! Ohh well girls have more fun :slight_smile: [br][br]Most of us will be heading to the UK 1 week before we set off also, and most traveling for a little while after top deck. Look forward to meeting you all and having a great time! [br][br]Ohh and its my birthday on 4th July… so party that night! haha[br][br]Liz xxoo


Oh sounds good! we are having another week in london after the tour, and a week in athens and santorini, and stopping off in singapore for a few nights on the way home. [br][br]Liz it will be my birthday aswell, on the 19th June!


Yay lots of celebrations will be had on our tour then![br][br]Discover Europe - 11 June 2008


I can’t be the only boy… :sunglasses:


Ha ha you won’t be as there are a few couples already which means more “boys” :)[br][br]Discover Europe - 11 June 2008