Discover Europe Jun 29th - Aug 1st 2018!


Hi everyone!

My name’s Jess, I’m 21 from Sydney, and I’m just posting to see if anyone else has booked this trip for next year; I’d love to get to know some people before I go!

Super excited to meet everyone and travel together! :slight_smile:


Hey Jess!

Yes! I’ve just booked this trip also! I’m from New Zealand, I wonder if there will be many of us from down under?


Aw yay, I’m not alone! Where in NZ are you from?
I have a feeling there’ll be quite a few of us from this part of the world but I’m sure it’ll be pretty mixed too - looking forward to it!


Hey Guys!

I’m doing this trip too! I’m also from NZ!

I’m so looking forward to it!