Discover Europe July 3 2012


Hi, just wondering who else is on this tour. :slight_smile:



Hi Jessica!

I will be :slight_smile: along with my bf David.

Where are you from??
We are from Sydney, Australia



awesome, im travelling with my sister and my two cousins. we are all 20-22 and from sydney too :slight_smile:
so excited!


Hey Jessica and Rhi,

I’m Shard from Brisbane, Australia. I too will be on the Discover Europe tour departing the 3rd of July. I am a solo traveller woo! I can’t wait to explore Europe, just 105 days to go!


hey everyone!

I’m Katie from the Sunshine Coast on the same tour as you all! Im joining in Paris in the afternoon :slight_smile:

Getting very excited now!


Hey Guys,
I am going on this tour as well and flying solo. looking forward to it!! I joining the tour in Paris in the morning.
I am from Melbourne, Australia.


Hey guys! I’m joining you too - solo traveller, coming from Auckland NZ! Looks like I’m the only Kiwi so don’t give me too much shit! :wink: See you in London/Paris - looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hi guys!
My 2 cousins (kassie and jessica) and I (kayla) are so excited for this tour! We’re from Sydney.
Jessica turns 21 when we’re in Hungary so prepare yourselves for a big night of partying! :slight_smile:
We’re all so excited. Meeting up with you in Paris. And don’t worry girls who are travelling alone. We’ll have PLENTY of fun.