Discover Europe July 20th - August 14th 2010



My husband and I are booked for the Discover Europe tour from July 20th - August 14th. We’re really keen to know who else is on that tour. We’re from New Zealand and can’t wait to escape winter for the European summer. We’d love to know if you are on the same tour.



Hi Lou,

My wife and I are on this tour and we’re from Canberra, Australia. Looking forward to meeting you both!



Hi PK & Lou, My husband and I are in the process of deciding which company to do the tour with - and we are down to this tour and another one. Is it rude to ask which age bracket you guys fall into? About ten years ago I did a 14 day contiki tour and it was pretty full on and there was only one couple in the whole tour! My husband and I are both 33 and while we love a good time, we don’t want to be partying every night and getting 2 hours sleep for a month (this is what we got up to on Contiki but i’m too old to keep up now). We want something that is sort of mid range - Not all pensioners but not all 18 year old singles either. We are from Bendalong on the NSW coast. Any input you guys could provide to help us make a decision would be much appreciated.
Thanks again,


Hi Kyles,

My wife and I are 30 years old and like you guys we’re not looking to party hard like but rather relax and take it easy during the holidays! We decided on Topdeck after hearing from my sister-in-law who did the Trafalgar Europe tour few years ago, that the group were a bit older. Contiki was definately out and from the sounds of it Topdeck tours looks to have catered for the right age group.

All the best!!



Hi Kyles and PK,
We’re both 34! I was worried about being “too old” for this type of tour but a lot people I talked to said there were plenty of people in their 30’s on the Top Deck tours they went on. My travel agent said the same so we felt really confident choosing Top Deck. Also, we were told people on Contiki were all quite young. We are so looking forward to getting away and can’t wait to have some fun. I hope you decide to join us.



My husband and I are doing this tour. I am 25 and he is 29. We were concerned about there being all young singles but your comments have assured us that we wont be the only couple :slight_smile:

Bec and Mike


Hi all, I’m travelling on this tour 20th July too! So excited! Are u going the day before the tour starts?


Anyone traveling on the European emperor departing 20th July???


Hi Suzie,

We’re arriving in London on the Saturday morning and have planned to do some sights seeing as well as catching up with some relatives!

Not too long to go now!! See you on the tour!



Great I’ll be doin the Greek island tour before going to London so I’ll see u then.