Discover Europe Itinerary


Hi All

I am embarking on the Discover Europe Tour in July. I was hoping to find out whether others experienced long waits visiting the Museums throughout the Tour such as the Louvre in Paris or Gallery dell’Accademia in Florence?

If so there are options to pre-book museums entry times that I would like to take advantage of however I am not quite sure how the itinerary is positioned for time or whether we will be doing additional optional actives (which I always love partaking in :slight_smile: ) whilst staying in each of the locals.

For instance in Paris would I be safe to pre book the Louvre for 9:00 AM and then lunch at the Eifel Tower?

I assume by time we arrive in Florence on day 11 it will be late afternoon so day 12 will be the best day to visit the museum do you suppose 9:00 am booking would fit in the schedule or are there other activities planed for the morning?




I did discover europe last year and our topdeck leader told us about a different entrance to get into the louve without waiting in line and we got in straight away. We didnt pre book either.
I think if u go early to the louve, we were there around 10am and it was already very busy being tourist season.
I think we did a guided tour in florence.


hey mick im going on the 5th july tour discover europe do you know when itinerary comes out


I believe 6 weeks before the trip