Discover Europe (HTDE) 8th may 2013


Hi there I will be doing this tour by myself. just wanting to see who else will be going too. I can’t wait B-)


Hi Shannon,
I will be doing this tour on my own as well. I am so excited as it will be my first time to Europe :). Where are you from?


Hi Shannon & Pruey,

I too will be joining this tour. If you guys are from Sydney we can meet together sometime before the trip if you like. eg coffee or desserts…



Hi there! Yes I am from Sydney/Wollongong area. I am so glad there will be other people from Australia going too! Where are you from?


Hello there that sounds like a great idea! :slight_smile:


Btw this says i only joined this today but I forgot my other password for my top deck account so I had to join again this morning :slight_smile:


Hi Michelle & Shannon,

I am from Adelaide so wont be able to join you for the coffee :(. Look forward to meeting you both on the tour :slight_smile:


Ok cool, I’m just happy there are some other girls from aus going too! When are you flying over? I’m leaving a few days before so I can have a look around London before we start the tour. I’m freaking out but so excited at the same time :slight_smile:


Hey Shannon, I will arrive in London on 6 May so hopefully we can catch up before the tour starts? I am feeling exactly the same as you but cant wait :slight_smile:


Hi there :slight_smile:

I just booked in for this tour today! So excited! I’m from Sydney but I’m in Germany at the moment for about 8 months (8 weeks in). I haven’t booked my flights yet but I’d love to get there early and check out London a bit.



I arrive in London on the 4th so yes I will be up for some sight seeing then! As it gets closer we will figure something out for when we are there. I really need to start saving big time! Talk to you soon :slight_smile:


Time is flying by!


It sure is! Just thought I’d add myself to this post as I’ll see u peeps on this amazing tour! Traveling solo, well excited.



Yes it is! Im happy that I won’t be the only one going alone. See you there :slight_smile:


Hey everyone…not long now! Super excited! I will be arriving in London 6 May and staying at the Umi Hotel, if anyone is keen to catch up before the tour my number is +447937645892. See you all soon :slight_smile: