Discover Europe Fri 16 June


Hey guys

My friend Jenny and I are doing the Discover Europe tour starting Fri 16 June

Holla if anyone else is joining!

We will be going to Finland for a week before the tour and we will be going to Ibiza for a week after.


Hi @JadeR
My name’s Hannah, 25 from Sydney travelling solo. I’m doing Discover Europe on 16 Jun too :slight_smile:
Can’t wait!!!


Hey hannah!

so nice to meet you :slight_smile:

maybe we can start a facebook group or something.
add me on facebook anyway :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,

My name is Sam, 25 from the botttom of New Zealand. I’ll be travelling solo. Doing the June 16th Disover Europe also. So excited, I can not wait.

Look forward to meeting you all on the trip. :smiley:


Hi @SamHitchcock91 - looking forward to meeting you! So excited!! :slight_smile:


Adding you now @JadeR - sorry didn’t get notified you replied :slight_smile: