Discover Europe/European Emperor August 7


Hi there,

My partner and I are booked on the European Emperor leg of the Discover Europe tour leaving London on August 7th. Anybody else booked on either of these tours? Hoping that they become guaranteed departures soon after we were assured at booking 4 months ago that it was highly likely they would become guaranteed soon being peak period and all!


Hi Lauren

My name is mandy, my husband and i have also booked the tour. We are also hoping to find out when it will be guaranted, and hope it is sooner rather than later. Besides be extreamly disapointed if it is cancelled i will be very annoyed if it is cancelled at the last minute and i then have to re oragnise the rest of our trip.
Fingers crossed?



Hi I’m doing the tour, just booked so I guess by now you know it’s definitely happening YAY! :slight_smile:
I’ll be joining in Paris