Discover Europe/European Emperor 5 June 2013



Anyone else on theses tours (or tapas trail also)? I’ll be joining you in Paris on the first night, starting to get a little excited :slight_smile:


Hey LozzyG!

I’m going to be on the Discover Europe trip starting on the 5th June. Just waiting for my confirmation details to come through. Travelling alone so looking forward to meeting some people!

Late organisation on my part but excited to finally be doing this!


Hey Ben,
I only booked myself a few weeks ago, I’m just doing European Emperor part of the trip which is the first 12 nights. Was originally touring with another company but my tour got cancelled & they had nothing else round the dates that covered cities I hadn’t visited before or was visiting on other tours this trip so I madly rushed to find an alternative. It’s approaching so quickly!! I’m going to London, Brussels, Paris & Ukraine before this tour so only about 2 months till I fly out. Have you travelled much before?


Hi Loz,

Ah I see. I’m assuming the Discover Europe is actually made up of many smaller tours, that would explain what you’re doing.

My confirmation came through last night. So excited now!

I’ve travelled extensively though North America since I was about 12, both family holidays and work. I’ve been to Asia once, New Zealand and down a fair amount of Australia. Europe will be the first real trip I do without knowing anyone to start with. How about yourself?

I fly in to London on the 3rd June and I’m there fr a week afterwards from the 4th - 11th July.

I also put a post up on the Top Deck Meet App but not had any response to it yet. Wondering how’s my people will actually be on the entire tour.


Hey LozzyG and Ben,

I’m also booked on the European Emperor tour starting in London. I’m getting a bit excited. I am travelling around England and Germany beforehand so tomorrow I have two months till I depart.

It’s nice to see there will be a few others who are travelling solo.



Hi Lyndal,

Excellent another person whom ill get to share some of my journey with!!

First time to Europe Lyndal?


I’ve travelled a few short trips before, did a group tour through Europe solo 2 years ago for 3 weeks & also spent a week in London on my own which was good and I’ve done LA & Cancun a couple of times with my sister.
Getting a round the world ticket this trip & I’m holidaying for 3.5 months in Europe & North America, most of that is alone at the moment but I don’t mind, travelling solo is good coz you can do what you want when you want (most of the time) :slight_smile:


Ah very nice! Not sure if I’ll ever get to that level, but I’ll never say never!


Hey guys, I am on the gondolas go north trip joining the discover Europe trip in Rome on 17th of June. Getting excited & can’t wait to meet everyone. Cheers Paul


Hey Paul,

Think I was talking to your wife on the Facebook app. Hoping that we cross paths somewhere on the tours!


Hey Paul,
You guys start the tour the day I finish, you’ll have a great time. Think it’ll be interesting having different people joining & ending the tour every 6 or so days, especially for those doing the tour from start to finish.


Hey Ben, we are in London for 2 nights post trip (4/7-6/7) before heading to Paris & then to holland to see the relatives, then off to Africa! Should be good fun, can’t wait.


Hey Paul, I’m in London until 11/7, so we’ll have two nights at the end together at least.


Im also doing European Emperor with a friend.
Its our first Topdeck tour! Very excited now.
We leave for Europe on the 29th!..join on the first night in Paris… see you soon!..

We could creat a FB group page, ??!


Just created one, look for it, its the same name of this forum!


Hi Claudia,

I’m doing the full Discover Europe, so I will see you for some of my trip, look out for the Discover Europe trip on the 5th June on the FB page, we’re talking in there as well.