Discover Europe departing 20th August


1 week and counting, yeppi ;D!! me and my boyfriend are doing this trip…very excited, just wondering if anyone else was on it too?


Hi Mazzie,[br][br]Yay, Im on this tour to. Was starting to think I was the only one. Are you guys staying at the Globetrotter prior to the Tour?[br][br]Im Simone from Australia by the way!


Hiya Simone,[br]Yay! we were starting to think the same thing, unfortunately were not staying at the Globetrotter we r staying closer to the ct to have a look around.[br]look forward to meeting you next week :)[br]Marian & Hugh from Brisbane[br]


Hi Mazzie,[br][br]Sounds awesome. See you nice and early on Wednesday. Cant wait!