DISCOVER EUROPE depart Sept 11!



Anyone else on this tour!! Not long now! Already chatting to a few girls via the topdeck meet app.

Look forward to seeing/hearing from you!!!

Emma :slight_smile:


Hey Emma,
My husband and myself will be joining you guys from Rome for the second half of it. We’ve been waiting a long time for this!! can’t believe its just around the corner!!
Can’t wait to meet yas!!!


My name is Christie. I am from Warrnambool, VIC in Australia.
I will be joining in Rome also. I cannot wait and the countdown is on. Will you be staying at the hotel the night before the tour begins?



hey Christie!!
We are staying in the centre of town for a few nights before the tour begins. Though it seems like a trek to get to hotel beethoven from the city centre.
Looking forward to meeting ya


I have heard the hotel is a bit out of Rome. My friend who stayed their a couple of months ago on another topdeck tour said it was a bit of a treck. I hope its easy to access places, as im arriving the day before and want to do some exploring on the Sunday morning.


Hey Christie and Melissa,

we will also be joining the tour in Rome! We looked at the Hotel Beethoven and found that it was pretty far out of town so we have booked a funky little urban hotel in the city (near the Via Veneto) a few days prior.

Super excited - we leave in a few weeks for Oktoberfest YAY! See you all soon! :slight_smile:


Hey all!
All these people starting in Rome-- I never knew there was the option! Is it part of a different tour name?
So excited, we are leaving from London-- can’t wait to meet everyone!! It’s going to be a blast!
Currently I’m off work sick…not ideal!


Def not ideal!
Yes, its under a different name…Gondala’s Go North. It’s actually very handy. I chose to start in Rome as i have hired a motor home to drive around France in with my best mate who i’m catching up with after the tour. Rome is the last place you can join. I am doing a Italy tour after this tour so will be nice to compare the two tours and hopefully see more of Italy.
See you in Rome!!!