Discover Europe April 27 2010


I know time is going so quick! Im startin to freak out a bit still got so much to do!!! Bloody work takin up too much of my time, wish I didnt need money!

Well Ive at least bought my bag, got a duffle bag with wheels/handle that can hold 105l, much better than the 70l suitcase I was gunna get, now I can bring back heaps of goodies!!! but I wont be going as extreme as my cousin who just got back, she bought back an extra 30kg!!! and stupid things too,etc. a cuckoo clock, chess set and a 200euro handbag, which is so ugly, she’s a bit weird! hence why I didnt go to europe with her and I didnt want to freeze to death, I hate the cold!

Cat :slight_smile:

Discover Europe 27 April

Britain and Ireland 19 June


Qik update guys…just checkin out the new coaches that have arrived at the depot., very nice indeed… ;D

they are all getting fitted with a couple of power points now ,for u to charge up ur phones and cameras…hopefully we will be breaking in the new 2010 model coaches on this tour…WOOOPWOOOP… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention i get a new leather driving seat with air cushioning and hydraulics…sorry, im getting alittle excited bout my coach…( i luv my coach )