Discover Europe 9th July


Hi. Craig here. Travelling with my fiance Cristy. Anyone else going on this trip?




HI !![br]I am on the first half of your tour. I am getting really excited as we only have 6 more weeks to wait. ;D[br]Are you guys staying at the globtrotter inn? [br][br]Lisa


Hey Lisa,[br]Thought for a while we were going to have the bus to ourselves.[br]We are staying at the Globetrotter in, but only arriving the day before our tour starts. Where do you finish your tour at? [br]Not long to go now. Can’t wait.


Hay,[br][br]When i booked my tour i was told that it is fully booked and i got the last space but then that could of been said to make me feel special :-[[br][br]My tour ends in Rome. I am staying 3 extra days and have a friend flying from London to meet me. [br][br]I am NOT staying at the globtrotter, though i wish i was, I am staying in a little hotel room. I am a bit nervous about catching the tube at 6 in the morning to get there in time. Plus i am traveling by my self. [br][br]Getting really excited. 5 and a bit more weeks left! [br][br]How old are you and your fiance?


Hi again,[br]Full bus, sounds good. I had a look at the brochure and saw that there are 6 separate tours that make up the Discover Europe, so there will be a good turnover of people I think.[br]Rome is awesome, you will love it, will be a busy 3 days for you.[br]You should be ok on the tube. Most people travelling at that time will probably be heading to work.[br]Cristy is 22 and i’m a young 33.[br]How about you?[br]It’s getting closer.


Hey There… I’ll be joining this group in Paris and ending my tour in Amsterdam. Only a few weeks now and counting down… getting veeeery excited!!! Oh, my name is Tania and I’m travelling alone - this is my first O/S trip (besides when I was 13yo which doesn’t count)… can’t wait :)[br][br]Tania


Hey Tania,[br]Well that’s at least 4 of us on the bus.[br]Travelling OS for the first time, how exciting. Will be awesome. [br]4 weeks to go and counting. It can’t come quick enough. See ya there.


I’m sure there will be more on this tour Craig… Oh well, if not guess we can look forward to lots of room on the bus :p[br][br]3 weeks left until I leave for Paris. Yay!![br]I’ll be there for 3 nights before I meet up with you…[br]do you think we’ll actually get to climb up the eifell tower with the group? It doesn’t say on the itinery? Wasn’t sure if I should do this or not in my time alone…[br][br]See you soon :)[br][br]


hay Tania,[br][br]I am so glade there is another solo person on this tour. This is my first time travelling too. [br][br]A friend of mine said that the queues for the tower can be pretty long so if you have time i would check it out before the tour. I think there is only the picnic near the tower thats included.[br][br]Not long now!


Hey. I’ve been up the Eiffel Tower before, and the queues weren’t too bad, but maybe I just got lucky. You can skip the big queues and climb the stairs, but it will take a while. But I think if you climb the first part, you can get the lift to the top. See you all soon.;D


Really the stairs? Well i think i better go to the gym everyday for the next 3 weeks to get fit haha!


Well, looks as though I’ll be taking the stairs!! Thanks for the advice…will definitely climb the tower while on my lonesome :-[[br][br]Look forward to meeting you guys. I’m sure we’ll have an awesome trip.[br][br]Au Revoir until next time…


hey everyone[br]im travelling on this tour too with my best friend[br]we are doing the same part as lisa… we finish in rome![br][br]its getting so close now!!![br][br]Ebony + Amanda[br]European Emperor 9 July[br]East Meets West 21 July