Discover Europe 7th June 2011


Hi all

Is anyone else doing Discover Europe departing 7th June 2011?



Hi Nat,
I am going! Am looking forward to it ;D


Hi Leland

How exciting!! We have a long wait ahead of us though!!

Have you been to Europe before? My husband and I have never been so we are really looking forward to it.

Where are you based?



Hi Nat
I have never been to Europe before so I am really excited! Long wait indeed but I think before we know it, we will be in London.
I am based in Sydney. Looks like we are on the opposite side of the country.
Will you guys be doing a little bit of London before the tour? I am.


Yep - we arrive in London on the 5th, then we’re staying another 2 nights in London following the tour. Then off to Greece for 9 days! How long will you be in London prior to the tour? And will you be staying at the Umi?

I hope you’re right and that time flies!


Wow, lucky you! Greece!
I arrive in London on the 3rd, staying at Umi, then leaving the day after the tour. My flight doesn’t leave London til late in the evening though so that is some extra time to check things out.
You staying in Umi too?
I wonder how many people have booked on this tour?


Hi Nat and Leland - it seems I have something in common with each of you = I have also booked on the Discover Europe tour departing June 7th 2011 - and in addition, like Leland, I will be travelling solo, and like Nat… I am a Nat(alie) ;D

Of course I’m a kiwi, not an Aussie, but presumably you guys won’t hold that against me ???

I’ll be staying at the Umi for a day or two pre and post-tour. Already excited!! This forum is great - I am an obsessive-compulsive planner/ researcher when it comes to travel so more than happy to share (and hear) tips on what to pack / do / avoid / see / drink / eat / anything else :-x!


I did the discover europe trip this year, it is fantastic. We were lucky enough to b in Barcelona for world cup final and got fined in Prague on our night out for being noisy in public.
Enjoy your trip.


Hi Nat! Nice to know someone else is travelling solo on this tour. Judging by the name, perhaps we also have something else in common (profession wise)?

Thanks Brooke, sounds like you had a great time!


Hi guys!

Another Nat! Glad you’re joining us! And happy to hear you’re a planner because no doubt I will have a million questions leading up to the trip. Would love to hear any tips you can share. Have you done much travelling before?

We’re also staying at the Umi pre and post tour ;D We’re hoping to see some friends and family in London and fingers crossed they can recommend some good places to eat/drink - I have no idea where to start! So much to check out in such little time. Wish we could stay longer…

Brooke - so glad to hear you had such an amazing time, makes me even more excited!


Hi Nat, Nat and Leland :slight_smile:

My boyfriend and I are doing the 7th June tour too ;D Can’t wait!!! We’re staying with friends currently living in London pre & post tour, and this tour is at the end of our trip. We’re leaving NZ late Apr and going to egypt, jordon, croatia and greece before ending up in London for this tour. I’m a bit of a planner too (hence on a forum like you guys months before the trip!), so trying pre-plan too. Have any of you seen the ‘optional extras’ yet? I’m still waiting to hear what (and how much!) they are… Exciting!!



Hi Liz, :smiley:
Think I might have a copy of the 2009 version of the optional extras somewhere… if I could locate it …


Hey everyone,
It’s good to stumble across others doing the Discover Europe trip… I’m travelling solo as well and seeing a bit of Hong Kong for a few days before arriving in London a couple of days before the tour starts. I have only been to London and Greece previously so I am excited about seeing everything in between. Can’t wait!!



Hi to all of you who are also going to Discover Europe starting June 7th 2011.

This far out from the trip there have already been a few postings and a fair few topic views but this sort of forum is pretty limited so I’ve started a group at [link=!/home.php?sk=group_179664858730910&ap=1]!/home.php?sk=group_179664858730910&ap=1[/link] for all joining the TopDeck Discover Europe tour departing June 7th 2011, or any of its subtours. A place for ideas, questions and tour tips and a way to get to know each other a little before we leave, and stay in touch and share photos when we return. Not sure if the link has inserted correctly but if you search TOPDECK: Discover Europe on FB you should find it.


Hi All,

I’m also doing the discover europe trip & will be travelling solo. It’s great to come across other people doing the trip. It will be my first time to europe so am very excited :slight_smile:



Hi everyone,

Just joined the forum, I’m going to be doing the Discover Europe on the 7th June too.
I’ve been to some places in Europe but cant wait to see all the sites on this trip!! Really looking forward to it. I’m a solo traveller too so it’s good to know there’s a few others :slight_smile:



Hey dudes.
It seems that the clink hostel is going to be Choccas with around 10 different buses departing on the 7th, I’m doing The spirit of Europe tour. Keen for a mass pre party?


Just hoping to get an opinion… I am planning to take a backpack rather than a suitcase, which is the better option for this trip??