Discover Europe 7 July 2017


Hey there!

I’m a 29 year old kiwi chick from Auckland travelling solo on my first trip to Europe #omg #finally. I’m pretty excited and wanted to reach out to see if anyone else was coming along on this adventure too.

Can’t wait to hear from you guys, so excited, it’s so close now!


Hey Lisa! I’m joining this tour in Rome on 21 July! I did part of the tour in 2013 - Barcelona to Rome - and it was amazing!! Now I’m doing the Rome to Prague portion this time! Looking forward to meeting you! I’m also travelling solo. :slight_smile:


Hi All,

I am 25 and from Australia and also travelling solo for this trip, looking forward to meeting you all and traveling Europe together.


Hi Krysia lovely to hear from you! So so close now, can’t wait.