Discover Europe 6th July-31st July


Is there anyone doing this tour? I am so excited, finally going to Europe!!!

Also, if there’s anyone who has already done this tour and has any advice, would be great to hear from you!



Thanks Molokov, I will look back at past posts. Shame you won’t be on ours, enjoy your trip though!


I’m doing this trip too!!!
This will be my first trip overseas and I am going alone, so I’m a bit nervous about that! :slight_smile:

Are you going with anyone or on ur own too?
Where abouts in Australia r u?
R u staying at the Umi hotel in London?

I’m from Victoria so I will be flying out from melbourne with a stopover in Singapore.

my email is if u want to email me about the trip.

Take care, hope to c u on the tour.