Discover Europe 6th August


cool… [br]Have you guys travelled before?[br]Should be lots of fun!!! :)[br][br][br]Discover Europe - 6th August to 31st August 2009


Hey Lauren![br][br]Yay more people! Are any of your friends guys by any chance? Seems my boyfriend is the only boy so far! haha…


Ooohh more people that’s great! You are lucky you’ll know so many people on the tour :slight_smile: Are you staying at Umi hotel before the tour? Looks like i’m the only one not staying there the night before the tour. [br][br]If you guys want to catch up the night before i could probably meet up with you all later on, i’ve booked high tea that night with my mum but i could come later on… anyway plenty of time to make plans…


hey[br][br]we have not been to europe before…thailand is about as far as any of us have been! so its all very exciting!! but i am soooo struggling with the whole packing situation aswell[br][br]amy no boys im afraid all my friends are girls (one is my sister)so your boyfriend might be the only guy haha!![br][br]yep we are staying at the umi hotel for 3 nights before the trip so catch up would be great! [br][br]have any of you done a top deck tour before??[br][br]5 weeks to go until we fly out!!yay!!!


woo hoo more ppl!!! SOOO excited!!!


1 month to go!!


Wooooo! and a month till your birthday Amy how exciting :)[br][br]Are you all set to go now? I’ve still got a few things to get before I go but still got a couple of weeks to get organised. I’ve been looking into phone options too so will pick up a prepaid sim card in London. What date do you fly out?


Sort of… sort of not! I dont really know what to pack?! I threw some stuff into my suitcase the other day to see how much i would fit… not that much! Especially if i wanna leave room to buy things…ahh![br][br]I fly out on the 26th july… less than 3 weeks… can believe its finally in the near future! When do you leave?[br][br]Mmm i think im just gonna do global roaming… and go easy on the phone use and hope i dont come home to a gigantic bill…


Hey, are you bringing mainly summer stuff or are you going to bring some warm stuff too? It looks like it’s warm and humid over there at the moment with a lot of rain, but i always tend to get a bit cold so i’m tossing up whether to bring mostly jeans or shorts! [br][br]I leave on the 31st, so 3 weeks to the day for me now! Less for you, hope everyone is getting excited!! ;D [br][br]


I’ve arriving the day before the tour and staying at the UMI hotel, if anyone want to catch up before.


Hey…[br]Have you done a tour like this before? [br]Do you have facebook? [br]Are you travelling with anyone else?[br]haha sorry for the q’s/[br]Yeah we should all catch up the night before the tour.[br][br]Discover Europe - 6th August to 31st August 2009


Less than 3 weeks to go!! Anyone else out there doing this tour???[br][br]Jess[br]Discover Europe 6th - 31st August 2009


[br]Hi Melissa[br][br]In short[br][br]This is my first time on this sort of tour.[br][br]Facebook is[br][br]I am travelling by myself. [br][br]BErnard


Hi All,[br][br]I’m doing the Central European tour which, I think, is the 2nd half of the Discover Europe tour - meetin you guys in Prague. Very excited![br][br]Chan x


Hey guys![br][br]Stoked that so many people have come on the forum before the trip![br][br]Where are you from Bernard? I’d add you to facebook but my home computer is broken and can’t get onto facebook at work }:)[br][br]Chan - what are you doing before this tour? How do you end up in Prague? Where are you from? [br][br]I’ve only got a week till i leave now, looking forward to actually meeting all you people! I’m finding it really hard to contain my excitement, i can barely sit still i’m just bopping around the place haha. :o)[br][br]Nic [br]


Hiya Nic / Everyone![br][br]I’m working at a summer school which finishes a week before the trip giving me a few days to get myself together! [br][br]I’m really excited but a bit nervous because I’ve found out that I’m the only person joining you guys in Prague. :S I’ll fly there from London - that’s where I’m from. Am I the only Brit? [br][br]Looking forward to meeting you all! I’m sure you’ll have lots of tales to share from earlier on in the trip.[br][br]3.5 weeks to go…[br][br]Channie x[br][br]