Discover Europe 6th August


Heeeeeeey! [br][br]Is anyone out there doing this tour?[br][br]Amy85 and i were both booked to do Europe Uncovered but it was cancelled so we’re booked for this one now.[br][br]Just seeing if there’s anyone joining us? :slight_smile:


Hi Nic! Yes I will be on this tour.[br][br]I was also booked in for the Europe Uncovered but had to change it. I’m from Sydney Australia, where u from?[br][br]Jess79


Hi Jess, yaaaay someone else! I’m from Perth, are you going with anyone or solo? Amy and her boyfriend Dan who are also doing this tour are from Sydney also. Have you been to Europe before? [br]


Hey Nic[br][br]I’m travelling alone and never been to Europe, so excited!!! And a tiny bit nervous!!! ;D[br][br]Have you been before?


Hey Jess! Where in sydney are you from? Are you staying in London before the tour? Not long to go now!!


Hi Amy,[br][br]I’m from Carlingford in Sydney, how about u? I am staying in London at the Umi Hotel for 2 nights before the tour starts. Less than 8 weeks to go!![br][br]


Cool, I’m from Berowra and Dan is from Harbord. We’ll be at the Umi the night before too :slight_smile: Staying with friends outside the city for a week or so before that. Less than 7 weeks til we fly out! Hope it goes fast!


Hey girls,[br][br]Are you staying at Umi the night we get back from the tour also? I’m staying the night we get back and then i fly out the next morning, but i’m tossing up whether to stay in London for an extra night before flying home. I’ll be staying at a different hotel before the tour and will rock up rather sleepily the morning of the tour :-/[br][br]Jess, i’ve been to Europe twice before, i’ve actually been to the places we’re going for the first 7 days of the tour but i can’t wait to get back again! [br][br]50 days today till i leave for London, i can’t concentrate at work anymore i can only think about the holiday! ;D[br][br]


Yep we’re staying the night we get back too :slight_smile: Didnt really know what time we’d get back so thought it would be easiest just to stay there. Then we’re probably training it up to manchester the morning after.[br][br]Oooooh i hope your other hotel is nearby! Thats gonna be a very early start…argh!


Hellooo. [br][br]I’m staying 1 post night at Umi as well, I heard you don’t get back to London until the evening and i didn’t want be rushed to get to the airport etc…




Hey Jess have you got facebook?


Hey…[br][br]I have just booked my tour & flights and I am doing this tour too:) I am so excited!! [br]I am from Melb- heidelberg.[br]I’m staying at the Umi hotel and would love to catch up with someone before the tour starts:)[br]I am travelling solo.[br][br]Can’t wait.[br]Mel


Hey Mel :slight_smile: [br][br]What date do you get to London? Glad you chose our tour! Have you got facebook also?


Yeah I am pretty excited- was thinking about doing Contiki for a while but Top Deck have alot more to offer eg better hotels & food. add me to FB Melissa House.[br][br]I will be arriving in Heathrow on Wed 5th Aug.[br][br]I have never travelled out of the country before so this is brand new for me. My main concern is my luggage. I know I neeed to reduce as much as possible. hehe[br][br]


Hey Mel there’s a few Melissa House’s on fb so i’m not sure which one is you! What’s your email address?[br][br]I’m starting to worry a little about the packing as well, i’ve travelled overseas before but i’m still not sure about packing this time cos i like to be prepared for everything but i think i’m going to have to sacrifice a few things, can always get stuff over there i suppose… are you taking a suitcase or backpack? [br][br]


Hey guys, I’m going to try and pack very very light, am planning on doing alot of shopping there, so if I need anything, I will buy!! I am taking a suitcase, but thats because I don’t have a backpack and not planning on buying one… I’ll be staying at Umi on 4th and 5th August, maybe we can meet up in a bar or something in the hotel?? I have never travelled on my own before either, especially not this far from home, a little nervous but I can’t wait!!


I dunno what to pack either?! The suggested list from topdeck seems pretty light, 4 tshirts for 4 weeks?! But at the same time i wanna pack light so i can shop up a storm too :slight_smile:


haha… I have never done a search on FB for myself. my email is[br][br]I am bringing a duffle bag with wheels… I am thinking the same about packing. Should I only bring summer clothes eg shorts or should I bring long sleeve tops. too many decisions. [br]I have never travelled overseas and usually when I travel I take my whole wardrobe but I can’t this time. I am thinking that I might just bring essentials and buy stuff over there. let’s just hope the shopping is good:)[br][br]Amy- your funny. There is no way I can only bring 4 t-shirts either… [br][br]I will be at the Umi Hotel on the 5th so it will be good to catch up before we go on the tour.[br][br][br]mel[br][br]Discover Europe - 6th August to 31st August 2009


Hey ladies![br][br]myself and 3 friends are also going on this tour!! so excited!!! we are all from geelong[br][br]lauren